The Last Supper

In the previous post we thanked our gracious host in LA, Mary for offering us her guest house, during our time in LA (before we decided to actually move there for good…a month later!) Now we had to return the favor so when she decided to host a dinner party for some close friends we offered

The Finest

This is what happens when you spend TOO much time in the car with someone. You run out of conversation topics and then your mind can go to dark places… Hahaha! The Geek and the Greek were on their way to sunny and warm San Diego when the Greek realized that he doesn’t know his

The Hippest

The next stop on the Geek and the Greek’s epic road trip was Portland, Oregon: home of the hipster. We were expecting droves of skinny jean clad musicians, draped in flannel eating at up-and-coming food trucks before catching a live performance of some super cool, obscure band that you’ve probably never even heard of before.

The Happiest

Welcome to Disneyworld!! And so we found ourselves fast approaching the happiest place on earth… Disneyworld. We weren’t coming for the rides, or to get Cinderella’s autograph and we weren’t even here to go on Space Mountain. We were here to eat. Jase: I wasn’t the most excited about Disneyworld, or central Florida in general,